Has it occurred to you?

Has it occurred to you that i could ask you this? That i could walk up and ask you if ‘has it occurred to you?’

There is always a possibility of a task that you forgot and a task that i can remind you of. That task that slipped your mind, creeped into a dark corner and stayed there until, something or someone.

The two kgs you put on, the email you didn’t send, the friend you didn’t call, the class you didn’t go to, that guy you didn’t call back, the phone you didn’t back up, the medicine you completely forgot o take, the ex who (entirely) went out of your mind, that  ticket you should have booked, the present you didn’t buy, the milk you didn’t check the date on, the battery you forgot to charge, the shampoo stock you fail to replenish, the condolences mail that was completely obliterated from memory in spite of dad telling you thrice, and that discount coupon (the one with 50% off) you didn’t use, the book you didn’t return, the regime you never remember at night, the parking boy who you wanted to tip but couldn’t ’cause you see ATM you were supposed to visit, you didn’t.

The magic though – Inspite of it absolutely almost never occurring to me, in various life situations and relationship milestones and time of days – it seems to be working just fine.

So all those things i didn’t do, never needed to be done or the time for them to be done just hadn’t come.

It occurred to me in time and that there is a strange zen in disorder and that it is constructed for larger peace. Of people and their people.


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