Summer is not my season

Summer is not my season. Any one who knows me, knows that. For a species found in the tropical lands, that is a tough stand. But i’m used to tough stands.

But if you do love the summer, i thought i’ll do a breezy board. Summer favors type thing.



a8e50c4b285a18de3d41ae528871b0df 6027898f7e039d5b03f6a0c16efbb9f8  68f50a9bd9cca2c74c2292c323fc04592c951fe620e176b4ff2a42166b613edfd6cc5742996d3b6a95a6223b17b594d6 Captureda8c6ff1cda0b3ebe5cdf4bd98c477be ed7c46c38d912b22706634fe62b86184 fde2c2cb6c23577e8bc5155602b470a7
87061727a27702c17c3ccc5e7caf2469 b0b9f5ce3324af26cf989159f9d26437 b38d992c69c95da4e261c836fef849e3fe555ca2705a19f2e78696d5f9b06520

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