Apratment Therapy: The Balcony That Taught Me What My Business Degree Couldn’t

Amongst the other balconies in the house, we have this one which is tiny – the one no one really figured what to do with. While we pretend that we have charted the purpose of most spaces in the house, this little guy was never forced upon with a calling. You see we couldn’t find one to force. Yet.

So this monsoon, we – me and mum – decided to find its story. And like all things story & easy – we planned to do this via a aesthetic makeover. It is in this regard that i went on a search for ideas into the depths of Pinterest. I was required to make a board proposition to my mother that would establish the fate of this space.

And i stumbled upon inspiration like how one usually does. But this was inspiration in its finest form. One not for spaces or untold stories – one which i seeked for a long time in education, people and conversations.

It was ofcourse a dance in my head – but i have tried to humble the theater and put some words so you can see what i saw. So clearly saw.

There will always be a way to keep a lot of people happy. Not one you can find but one you may have to create.
Always find a way to get people together. It’s efficient, besides just being fun.
Having a focus early on is a good thing. Helps you visualize the ecosystem you need to build to sustain it.
Saving – Space, budget, time will be the difference between good and great.
Hidden is not always a negative strand. if you could unearth qualities, imagine the possibilities!
Adaptability is a difficult but amazing feat. You may risk being called the make shift – but there is a larger win esp. when life, time and memories are short.
The joy in synchronization is second to none. Harmony is under rated, orchestrate it.
There is always something – a better use, a better fit or even a larger, more beautiful purpose that goes beyond the original conditioning.
Perspective. Try a few different ones – one of them should work. Sure they made at least one that fits.
Make everything a party, you must.
It is critical – that you don’t take any of this – or any of anything seriously.

Next up on apartment therapy: The kitchen cabinet under the oven. Who knows i might end up writing a ‘ 10 things to make a start up actually work’ 😉

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